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Haruo Kawamura, Founding Partner and Representative Director
  Prior to founding CAS Capital, Mr. Kawamura acted as Managing Director in investment banking of Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs in Tokyo. Prior to that, he worked for The Bank of Tokyo (Current The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ). Throughout his career of more than 20 years, he has been providing various financial services including M&A advisory, securities underwriting for corporate and financial institutions. Director of Japan Private Equity Association.
Part-time lecturer at Tokyo Institute of Technology (2002-2015).
MBA from Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.

Ryuko Nagami, Partner and Director
  Mr. Nagami is assigned as CEO of FOOD PLUS HLDGS in June 2020.
Prior to joining CAS Capital, Mr. Nagami worked for MKS Partners where he was involved in enhancing value of portfolio companies through his career. Prior to that, he worked at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, providing audit, consulting and financial advisory services including M&A advisory. Appointed as Partner in January 2013. BA in economics, University of Kyoto.

Kenjiro Yamashita, Partner and Director
  From July 2018 to December 2020, Mr. Yamashita was full-time Director of Decollte Corporation ( for further support of their growth. From October 2011 to February 2016, Mr. Yamashita was Director of MARKTEC Corporation ( and acted as CEO of MARKTEC’s Chinese operation to turn around its performance. Before joining CAS Capital, he worked at Askul and started up a new business of business process outsourcing, targeting large companies.
Prior to that, he worked at Boston Consulting Group and was in charge of various projects including strategic planning, marketing, new business development and alliances.
Prior to that he served in Japanese Ministry of Finance where he was assigned in taxation, international negotiation, and secretariat. Appointed as Partner in January 2015.
Master in Public Policies, University of Chicago.

Susumu Uehara, Partner and Director
  Prior to joining CAS Capital, Mr. Uehara worked for MBK Partners and Advent International, where he was engaged in support to mid-cap companies through private equity investments. Prior to that, he worked for Morgan Stanley where he was involved in financial advisory businesses such as M&A advisory and equity finance. Appointed as Partner in January 2020. MBA from INSEAD.

Nobuaki Matsumoto, Partner and Director
  Mr. Matsumoto is assigned as President of SHINKO CO., LTD. in August 2020. Prior to joining CAS Capital, Mr. Matsumoto worked for ORIX Corporation where he worked in the sales department and finance department, and has been engaged in private equity investment business since 2005. He has investment experiences in apparel, restaurant chains, food manufacturers, global development support companies for automobile industry and environment related companies. In 2014-2018, he worked on improving corporate value as a full-time director of ARRK Corporation ( Joined CAS Capital as Partner in July 2020. BA in Business Administration, University of Meiji.

Kazuyoshi Komiya, Partner and Outside Director
  Mr. Komiya is President of Komiya Consultants (, where he provides management consulting, educational training and seminars to the client companies. Author of many books. Member of The Securities Analysts Association of Japan. Prior to founding Komiya Consultants, he was Director of Planning Section at Japan Welfare Service (presently Saint Care Holdings) in charge of promoting welfare business and management consulting of medium-sized corporations. Before that, he was international business consultant at Okamoto Associates as Director. He started his career at The Bank of Tokyo (Current The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ). where he was involved in strategic management information system as well as M&A. MBA from Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth.

Yasuo Ryoki, Outside Director
  Mr. Ryoki joined Osaka Gas in 1979 and served various positions such as General Manager, Energy Resources Business Unit, President and Representative Director, Osaka Gas Chemicals, Head, Industrial and Commercial Marketing Business Unit. Mr.Ryoki was appointed Senior Executive Officer of Osaka Gas in 2012 and appointed Member of the Board in 2013. In 2016, he became Chairman of Osaka Gas Australia Pty Ltd.
During his 40years in Osaka Gas, Mr. Ryoki has engaged in various businesses, such as gas resources procurement, upstream and downstream investment in foreign countries, industrial, commercial and residential sales, corporate planning, capital market finance, new business development, industrial relations and subsidiary management.
BA in law from Kobe University.

Nobuaki Kishi, Auditor
  Prior to joining CAS Capital, Mr. Kishi worked for Merrill Lynch and Deutsche Bank in Tokyo as Vice Chairman in Debt Market and Head of General Industry Group in Investment Banking Division, respectively. He provided clients with various financial services including arrangement of asset-backed finance, debt/equity underwriting and M&A advisory. MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management.

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