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Motto Gyutto SSI Co., Ltd.
Motto Gyutto SSI Co., Ltd. is a small amount and short term pet insurance company which partly covers medical costs for diseases or injuries of insured dogs and cats.
Care Plus Co., Ltd. logo
Care Plus Co., Ltd.
Careplus offers home visit rehabilitation massage for elderly who requires nursing care.
Staff Plus Co., Ltd. logo
Staff Plus Co., Ltd.
Staffplus is specialized in medical and nursing care staff placement and dispatch services.
ACT-ONE Yamaichi CO., LTD. logo
ACT-ONE Yamaichi CO., LTD.
ACT-ONE Yamaichi engages in scaffolding and construction materials leasing and sales.
Decollte Corporation
Decollte offers various bridal services such as wedding photo and wedding ceremony. Decollte also engages in esthetic treatment business.
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