Basic Policy for Responding to Antisocial Forces

The company hereby declares the following as the basic policy for preventing any harm that may be posed by an organization or individual seeking economic gain through force or fraudulent means (“antisocial forces”).

  • 1.The company will not have any relationship with any antisocial forces.
  • 2.The company will cooperate with outside specialists, such as the police and attorneys-at-law,and will respond as an organization and in an appropriate way to prevent any harm that may be caused by any antisocial forces.
  • 3.The company will not accommodate with any inappropriate demand from any antisocial forces, and will take firm and resolute action against any such demand.
  • 4.The company will not engage in any provision of funds for off-the-books transactions for antisocial forces.
  • 5.The company will endeavor to secure safety of the officers and employees in position to respond to any inappropriate demand from antisocial forces.
CAS Capital, Inc.