Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

CAS Capital, Inc.(“the company”)recognizes importance of the personal information and understands the protection to be the important responsibility as the company. The company and all of its officers and employees will comply with laws and other regulations related to personal information and will endeavor to protect personal information. The company will handle the personal information provided through the e-mail transmission form of the company’s site or any other e-mail software with the following basic policies.

Basic Policy to Protect Personal Information

1. Observance of relevant laws and regulations

The company complies with laws and other regulations related to personal information when handling personal information.

2. Collection and use

Information will be collected and used only for the intended purposes with the agreement of the individual.

3. Disclosure or provision to third parties

Any disclosure or provision of personal information to third parties will comply with all relevant laws and regulations and, excluding permitted cases by laws, such disclosure shall not occur without the consent of the individual.

4. Protection of information

The company will provide the necessary and appropriate measures to protect personal information and will pay the latest attention to information management.

5. Continuous improvement

The company will continuously review and improve its personal information management protection in accordance with relevant laws, regulations and social environmental changes.