Portfolio Companies

Realized Investments

Phoenix Associates Co., Ltd.

Phoenix Associates offers overall training solution through business language skills training as well as business /communication skills programs which are necessary to professionals in leading multinational companies. Share transferred to Berlitz International, Inc. , a member of Benesse Corporation Group in July 2009.

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Kazokutei Co., Ltd.

Kazokutei has several brands of Japanese food restaurant chain, such as “Kazokutei” of soba noodle chain and “TokuToku” specialized in udon noodle chain. Share transferred to H2O Retailing Corporation in September, 2011.

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Kinrei Corporation

Kinrei has two main business segments; Japanese food restaurant chain called “Kagono-ya”(Company name changed to KR FOOD SERVICE CORPORATION in April, 2014 http://www.food-kr.com) and production of freezing cooking noodles which are sold mainly at convenience stores and supermarkets. Share transferred to Orix Corporation in April, 2012.

Saint Staff Co., Ltd.

Saint Staff is specialized in medical and nursing care staff placement and dispatch services. They dispatch professional staff to nursing home, hospitals, and nursery schools. Share transferred to Misawa Homes Co., Ltd., a member company of Toyota Motor Corporation Group, in December, 2012.

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MARKTEC Corporation

MARKTEC is a global integrated manufacturer in the field of Non-Destructive Testing and Marking Systems mainly in Japan and Asian market. Share transferred to ALCONIX Corporation in February 2016.

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Motto Gyutto SSI Co., Ltd.

Motto Gyutto SSI Co., Ltd. is a small amount and short term pet insurance company which partly covers medical costs for diseases or injuries of insured dogs and cats.Share transferred to Rakuten, Inc. in March 2018.

Care Plus Co., Ltd.

Careplus offers home visit rehabilitation massage for elderly who requires nursing care.Share transferred to SOHGO SECURITY SERVICES CO., LTD. (ALSOK) in June 2018.

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Staff Plus Co., Ltd.

Staffplus is specialized in medical and nursing care staff placement and dispatch services. Share transferred to INFOCOM CORPORATION in May 2019.

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ACT-ONE Yamaichi CO., LTD.

ACT-ONE Yamaichi engages in scaffolding and construction materials leasing and sales. Share transferred to the investment fund managed by T Capital Partners Co., Ltd. (ex Tokio Marine Capital Co., Ltd.) in December 2019

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Decollte Holdings Corporation

Decollte provides photography services, mainly for photo wedding services. Decollte was listed on the TSE Growth Market in June 2021, and the majority of the fund's shareholding was transferred. The remaining majority of shares were further transferred to Mixi Inc. in September 2022.

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FOOD PLUS has two main business segments; Operating Japanese restaurant chains including SHO-YA, HYAKUSAI, etc. and supplying foods for schools/companies canteen.Share transferred to the investment fund managed by New Horizon Capital Co., Ltd. in Febraury 2024.

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